We offer impact entry doors, built to meet the needs and budget of your home renovation.

Impact Entry Doors - Cat - 5 - 180 mph

Explore our premium impact entry doors designed to withstand severe weather and enhance home security.

Discover stylish and energy-efficient solutions that add value and protection to your property. Ideal for hurricane-prone areas, our doors offer both safety and aesthetic appeal.

High Quality Impact Doors

Secure your home with resilient impact doors designed for maximum protection against hurricanes and break-ins.

Our impact doors combine strength and style, offering enhanced security, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. Perfect for any entryway needing reliable defense and aesthetic appeal.

Plantation Impact offers a wide range styles of impact entry doors to enhance your home and lifestyle

impact entry doors

Single Entry Doors

No matter what the season, protect your home in style with a storm door. With operability and efficiency you can enjoy the added beauty and security
impact entry doors

Double Entry Doors

For homes near the coast or in areas with bad weather, we offer stylish options that are built to be stronger than the recommended standard.

Luxury Entry Doors

Our front doors have a lovely appearance and are simple to open. They make an elegant escape to the outside.


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Benefits of installing Impact Entry Doors

Sound Resistance

Whether it’s a bustling big city or a barking dog, your impact doors can help block out the noises that bother you.

Energy Efficiency

Efficient impact doors can reduce your utility bill and add comfort to your home. Our products are made to save money on energy costs and keep your home comfortable all year long.

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Security firms might begin by emphasizing impact doors’ advantages against forced entry and break-ins. Although this is unquestionably a plus, we veteran Floridians realize it is only one of many advantages. The security these custom impact entry doors provide during hurricane season is more significant to many families. Our impact doors are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions and protect your family, whether it is from high winds or flying debris.

florida Impact entry doors are another excellent home improvement project. These hurricane-resistant glass solutions will improve your home’s insulation, whether you’re considering sliding glass doors, French doors, or just a front door with some glass panels. This results in lower energy costs for you. Many insurance policies will also offer reductions if a property has impact windows and doors.
Impact Doors That Work Best
Installing impact glass in your home is an excellent approach to safeguard your loved ones and guarantee your safety during the strongest storms. These doors are a great way to improve your home while ensuring the security of your family, especially when you consider the possible savings.